Terms of Service

You must be at least 18 years of age to enter our venue.

Please put away all weapons and minions.
Exclusions apply for RP purposes.

Please do not enter our rooms or host zones without a booking or escort.

Please reserve Looking For Materia (LFM) and Looking For Party (LFP) statuses for staff.

Remember our hosts are people too!
Please be kind, and do not touch without consent.

We are a primarily SFW venue.
Our hosts do not provide NSFW services unless it says so on their profile.

You may encounter underage characters working as general staff.
Acting inappropriately towards these characters is forbidden.

We love our Lalafell friends!
However, please be advised that Lalafells are restricted from accessing any suggestive or NSFW services. (Host bookings are okay!)

We reserve the right to cancel your booking, or deny you service at any time.
Should this occur, you will receive a full refund.