Reservation Instructions

  1. Please submit a reservation request via the form below, or through our Discord #bookings-inquires channel.

  2. Upon receiving your submission, we will contact you in regard to your booking via Discord. Please make sure you have joined our Discord server in advance.

  3. If you have any specific time requirements, please let us know in the message section of the form.

  4. We will confirm available time slots with you upon contacting. All time slots are first come first serve.

    If you have any questions, please direct them to #bookings-inquires on our Discord!

Reservation FAQ

  • When do reservations open?
    We start entering reservations into our system 3-4 days after our previous opening. You may submit a reservation at any time, however, reservations made too early may be put on hold for a few days.

  • Why book in advance instead of on the day?
    We prioritise our reservations over walk-in customers. By making a reservation, you get first pick of all time slots, locations, and hosts available before they fill up!

  • Can I make a reservation for a future opening instead of the next one?
    Yes! However, we will put your request on hold instead of entering it into our system straight away.

  • Can I book my host's special action in advance?
    Yes! You can book a host action either before or during the booking. Not sure what actions your host has? Check their profile page.


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