Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify a manager?

You can identify a manager by looking for someone in uniform wearing the
Makai Earring of X
YorHa Type-51 cap of X

Do I have to roleplay at the venue or during host bookings?

Nope! We encourage all types of players to visit Sundered Hearts. Non-roleplayers, budding roleplayers, and seasoned roleplayers alike are more than welcome. Our hosts serve as companions and entertainment in whatever way best suits you.

I'm on another Data Center. What's the best way for me to visit?

Having now relocated to the Lavender Beds, we're a lot more accessible to alts! We recommend creating an alt, and making use of the level 30 bonus Materia has for its new worlds. This will give you a free 1 million gil to spend, as well as 30 days free play time!

Why are there multiples of some characters?

We don't know why there are multiple Emet-Selchs, Fandaniels, or Hythlodaei. They all simply appeared one day, and they can't seem to agree who is the original one. We can only assume it is a side effect of some strange space-time continuum. Although, some would point a finger at Azem.