Credits & Special Thanks

It took a lot to get us to where we are today!
Here are some people we are thankful for...


Hythlodaeus Amarantos,
Yotsuyu-goe- Brutus,
Themis Emissary

Venue Design

Yotsuyu-goe- Brutus


Hythlodaeus Amarantos
Design help: Traveler Azem

Primary Sponsor

Themis Emissary

Tips & Advice

Papi Chai,
Aurore Belle-Lumiere

Crafting, Gathering & Levelling

Themis Emissary,
Asahi-sas Brutus,
Funny Daniel,
Cosmo Wreath,
Emet-selch Hades

Fun Facts

  • The Host Club was originally a joke idea, conceived in early February 2022 in the early days of Materia.

  • Nero Tol-Scaeva came up with the name Sundered Hearts.

  • The runner-up name was NP-Tea Host Club.

  • Our logo was made by Ennie.

  • Our original venue was in Shirogane before we moved to an FC house.

  • We originally opened September 10, 2022.

  • Emet-Selch likes to nap on the stage in off-hours - Hythlodaeus