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Are you new to our venue?
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What is a Host?

A host is one of our specially trained staff members whose primary role is to charm and entertain our guests!
While our staff focus on serving drinks, taking pictures, or playing music, our hosts provide a personal engagement with you or your party. This is usually done in the form of private host bookings!

Themis, Hythlodaeus and Asahi
Themis, Hythlodaeus and Asahi

You can identify a host currently available for hire by this icon.

You can identify a staff member by this icon.

What Can I Expect from Hiring a Host?

Aymeric entertaining a client
Aymeric entertaining a client

Personalised Interactions

Talk about your day, ask questions, receive advice, and roleplay with your favourite NPC.
There's a little something for everyone, roleplayer or not!

Hythlodaeus serving guests
Hythlodaeus serving guests

Special Menu

Upon hiring a host, you will receive access to their exclusive character-themed menu.
By buying something from this menu, you support our hosts directly!

Yotsuyu dancing for a cheering crowd
Yotsuyu dancing for a cheering crowd

Special Actions

Each of our hosts have special actions on offer. These range anywhere from head pats and tarot readings to special rooms inspired by in-game locations/events.
Check out a host's profile for more info!

How to Hire a Host

Make a Reservation


Book In-Game

Book on our website, or via Discord for first pick of locations, hosts, etc.

Visit our booking desk or speak to a manager to make a booking on the day.