Host Booking Prices

Solo Host
Duo Hosts

+50k for every additional person.

+80k for every additional person.

2 G'rahas and a client
2 G'rahas and a client
Urianger and client
Urianger and client
E'met, Emet-Selch, and Hythlodaeus
E'met, Emet-Selch, and Hythlodaeus

Two hosts not enough?

Every additional host is subject to solo host pricing.

Host Party Seating Options

View our seating options on offer for host bookings.
Please note: Reservations get first pick, walk-ins may or may not get to choose.

Upstairs Seating
Tables U1 & U2

Enjoy a starry wonderland in the main part of our venue...

Recommended for those who don't want to miss out on the action of the main floor.

Instanced Seating
Tables I3 & I4 (Room 2)

Embrace the nostalgia-filled walls of this strange yet wonderful void...

Recommended for those who want some privacy, and don't mind missing out on what happens on the main floor.

Private Rooms

Book a private room for a heightened immersive experience.